Quality & Accreditation Institute




Nurturing the largest global pool of organisations and people through quality and accreditation framework.


  • It stimulates continual improvement.

  • Enables the organisation in demonstrating commitment to quality and safe care.

  • Assure community about the quality of services provided.

  • Provides opportunity for benchmarking.

  • Rights of patients/customers are respected and protected.

  • Patients/Customer satisfaction is regularly evaluated.

  • Improves overall professional development of staff and leadership opportunity at all levels.

  • Provides an objective system of evaluation and empanelment by third parties

Centre for Laboratory Accreditation (CLA)

  • Accreditation of Testing & Calibration Laboratories as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in different disciplines including food testing, veterinary testing, environmental testing and forensic testing.

  • Accreditation of Medical Laboratories as per ISO 15189:2012

  • Certification program for Basic Composite Medical Lab as per Clinical Establishment Act


Quality and Accreditation Institute (QAI) was set up to create an ecosystem of education, training, quality improvement and accreditation.

We believe that it would provide a platform to stakeholders including professionals and organisations, associated with quality in any way, to share their wisdom and knowledge in order to make its Vision realised.


To conceive and deliver education, training, accreditation and related programs in partnership with stakeholders using an approach of co-design and co- creation.



QAIbecame the institutional member ofthe International Societyfor Qualityin Health Care(ISQua) (www.isqua.org).We aim to achieve ISQua accreditation to our standards and organisation as we move forward.

Centre for Accreditation of Health & Social Care (CAHSC)

  • The following accreditation/certification programs have been developed:

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Centres

  • Home Healthcare

  • Dialysis Centres

  • Certification of Healthcare Facilities

  • Certification Program for WHO Patient Safety

  • Friendly Hospital Standards (PSFHS)

  • Certification program for Green Hospitals

For further information: Dr. B.K. Rana Founding CEO

Email:  bkrana@qai.org.in

Quality and Accreditation Institute Pvt. Ltd.

416, Krishna Apra Plaza, Sector-18, Noida-201301, U.P., India