The Power of Human Touch: Dr. T. Sundararaman

Published on: 16 Jan 2019

What’s causing the “de-humanisation” of healthcare, asks Dr. T. Sundararman is the Dean of School of Health System Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He sheds light on the root causes and what approach and mindset is needed to make human touch synonymous with healthcare again. This talk is a part of Healthcare Executive Summit 2018 on Humanising Healthcare held at Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Dr. Avnish Seth- Healthcare Executive's 4th Annual Thought Leadership Summit

Published on: Apr 25, 2017

Dr. Dr. Avnish Seth talking on ‘Scaling up the Organ Donation movement in India’ at Healthcare Executive Thought Leadership Summit 2017. Dr. Seth has over two decades of experience in treating diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.


Dr. Pramod Jacod ( Lifetrenz Solutions ) speaks about the concept of Electronic Health Records

Published on: May 24, 2017

Dr. Pramod Jacob talking on How Electronic Health Records maintain the Healthcare Continuum at Healthcare Executive Thought Leadership Summit 2017. Dr. Jacob is the Chief Medical Officer of dWise Healthcare IT solutions, involved in the designing and implementation of Clinical Information Systems and the EHR for the company.

Shreyans Gandhi/Arpit Mishra speak about ATMs that deliver Healthcare

Published on: Apr 17, 2017

Shreyans Gandhi and Arpit Mishara, founders of YOLO health, speak about how their ATMs deliver healthcare.

Their innovation i.e. YOLO Health kiosk can screen people, capture health parameters and do basic diagnostic test, and all with a “human touch.”

Mr. Siraj Dhanani Speaking on the topic Incubating a Healthcare Start Up

Published on: Apr 21, 2016

Mr. Siraj Dhanani is the CEO of Inaccel, India’s first medical technology acceleration company focused on innovation for low and mid-income markets. Know more about jumpstarting a healthcare venture, from incubating and executing an idea to taking it to the market and making it financially-viable.

Dr. Sunil Chandy Speaking on the topic Scaling up tertiary care in hinterland India

Published on: Apr 17, 2016

Dr. Sunil Chandy is the Director of Christian Medical College and Hospital (Vellore), a renowned educational and research institute and a tertiary care hospital in Tamil Nadu. Learn from the renowned cardiologist+healthcare veteran as he speaks on propagating tertiary care across Indian cities and towns.


Paving the Future with TAAL - India's First Digital Stethescope

Published on: Sept 14, 2016

Healthcare Executive catches up with Arvind Badrinarayanan and his team at MUSE Incorporated, a start-up based in Bangalore that aims to reengineer existing medical devices indigenously and for the Indian Market. We talk to the team behind TAAL - A digital stethescope that also happens to be their first product.

Ms. Sweta Mangal Speaking on the topic Fast Forwarding Emergency Care

Published on: Apr 18, 2016

Ms. Sweta Mangal is the Director of MUrgency, a mobile application that is making emergency response available to anyone, anytime, anywhere – with just one tap on a mobile phone. Hear the entrepreneur talk on how digital technology can be leveraged to strengthen critical and ambulatory care in the country.

Mr. Amit Bhatnagar Speaking on the topic Diagnostics at your doorstep

Published on: April 27, 2016

Amit Bhatnagar is the Managing Director, Accuster Technology Pvt. Ltd. Accuster Technology’s Mobile Lab is a revolutionary medical laboratory on a bike that can carry out as many as 150 pathological tests. Be wowed as the tech-genius shares his ongoing journey of taking diagnostics to every nook and corner of the country.

Dr. Vishal Rao Speaking on the topic Patient Centric Innovation in clinical practice

Published on: Apr 18, 2016

Dr. Vishal Rao is a Head and Neck Oncology Surgeon at HCG, and the brain behind Aum Voice Prosthesis, India’s first voice prosthesis and costs only Rs. 50! The oncologist-innovator provides an inside view on the influence of medical profession on patient-centric innovation.

Has Healthcare lost the human touch ?

Published on: Jun 26, 2018

Empathy and compassion, though essential in all fields, play an indispensable role in healthcare. At different times, doctors, nurses, patients, managers, carers, citizens and policymakers all need to be able to stand in each other’s shoes and see the world through each other’s eyes. A doctor needs to understand a patient’s concerns when explaining treatment options. A patient needs to understand why a nurse has to prioritize certain patients. A manager needs to understand how their operational decisions will make clinicians feel.