Physioactive India: Redefining Holistic Sport Medicine

By Sandhya Mishra

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Longing for a right sports nutrition? Or want to hit the gym? Or a physiotherapy for your aching neck? Sandhya Mishra takes you to the Shangri-la of all physiotherapy clinics, Physioactive India


Mushrooming standalone clinics of allied healthcare field like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, and so on, are providing patients a newfound freedom from visiting a doctor or hospital, besides unclogging the hospitals for good. Physiotherapy, especially, once known as an adjunct to orthopaedics, has evolved and developed over time to the extent that it has now become an independent field of practice. It has come a long way, extending its branches from only orthopaedics to neuro rehabilitation, cardio respiratory, sports, gynaecology, oncology and even urology these days.

A major shift in trend is now visible in developed countries, who are allowing physiotherapists to become first point of contact, prescribe drugs and even start a course equivalent to doctorate. Trend in India is also changing on the same lines. After being overshadowed by other health providers for ages, this profession has now become an important part of the team. 

People across the globe now discern the role of Physios for their musculoskeletal problems, sporting injuries, rehabilitation, stroke, and heart conditions thus creating demands for wellness hubs, rehabs, clinics and whatnot.

One such wellness centre is Physioactive India. Conceptualized by Dr M.R Zulfi and Dr D M Manoj, Physioactive India is one of the few popular and renowned wellness centres known for their specialization in physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation. The holistic approach of the centre towards overall patient welfare and wellness makes PhysioActive the one stop solution for all.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a professional athlete to improve your mental or physical health. Sports nutrition is beyond counting calories and macros. It focusses on when and what you should drink or eat, addressing deficiencies and imbalances by creating an individually customised nutrition adjustments to lifestyle and food you eat. The sports nutrition café at Physioactive India is one of its kind service offered in any physiotherapy clinic. The dedicated Sports Nutritionist thus play a key role in optimising the beneficial effects of physiotherapy.

Physioactive India is dedicated towards deciphering the root cause behind the injury of the patient and not just treating the pain. It has got skilled veterans with extensive knowledge and expertise in the respective arenas.

Equipped with the cutting edge technology that the centre is, it has got the most advanced technologies of international standards to offer enhanced treatment to their patients. One such revolutionary equipment is the Alter G Anti-gravity treadmill. It is considered to be one of the best technologies in the field of Physical Rehabilitation. It makes use of the NASA patented Differential Air Pressure technology and allows injured athletes and patients to lower their bodyweight from 100% to just 20% via precise increments of 1%. This innovative equipment allows the sports patients to fast-forward the therapy which results in more efficient outcomes with minimal pressure on their bodies which further enhances in rebuilding their strength.  

Alter G encourages obese individuals who find it difficult to walk to burn calories and also improve their cardiovascular strength. With the help of the machine the patients do not require to put additional stress on their joints. It also slows down the process of reduction of muscle mass in an athlete who cannot continue his training due to the injury.

At Physio Active- The Wellness Hub, patients are coming in for treatment from both international boundaries and far flung Indian states. It is of utmost importance for the therapists to understand the patient goals to function more effectively but these days the therapists are overburdened with work due to which they are often unable to spend enough time with the patients they are about to heal, which is of prime importance.  To maintain the quality of treatment, they have therefore inculcated a system, where treatment is provided one on one and there aren’t more than 8 patients in a day per therapist. This is to ensure realistic goals are set and are also achieved. Keeping clear communication and staying connected with patients along with the team work are an integral part of the patient recovery, wherein all members are on the same platform and are working towards same treatment goals.

Just like that, Physiotherapy is no longer a profession, what it used to be 10 years ago. We can see more researches getting funded than ever. Traditional physiotherapy aided by technology like posture, walking, running gait analysis software and use of virtual reality in treatment of stroke patients is expected to revolutionize the way physical therapy works. Physical therapy is even being viewed as an option to opioids. Besides, therapists who once opted developed countries over their own, are now willing to return and start something of their own; young enthusiasts now want to explore the market and make a difference to the industry. Though the profession still faces a lot many challenges and has a long way to go, there will always be a constant growth and improvement.