Healing Children through Colours


Most of us, who can recall a visit to the hospital, will have a similar description of the place. Long corridors with insufficient lighting, drab walls with notice boards and posters breaking the monotony of drab coloured wall. Corridors and rooms that would be found wanting of space.

What if a healthcare facility looked more like an airport terminal and less like a hospital. The walls, the flooring, the ceiling are imbued with colours and artistic design that have a visual appealing.

It all started with a vision of not only providing a world-class multi-speciality facility for infants and children but also contribute to the process of healing. The benevolent vision of Dr Ramesh Kancharia materialised into South India’s first tertiary care children’s hospital.

With 6 hospitals in the city of Hyderabad alone, Rainbow hospitals have now made their presence felt in 3 other cities including Delhi and Bangalore. These hospitals provide specialized healthcare services for Infants, children and adolescence.

“For a long time, it was believed that a children’s multi-speciality facility will not gain traction in our country. Not only has Rainbow hospitals dispelled doubts of sustenance, we have ventured into newer territories and established our flagship in the nation’s capital,” says Abrarali Dalal, Chief Operating Officer, NCR and North.


The hospital has many super speciality units like paediatric Neurology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology and an advanced surgical centre and to perform Neonatal and Paediatric surgeries.

“We have revolutionized healthcare in several ways; from providing excellent quality services to creating the right conditions for recuperating mothers and children. The first hospital was set up on 14th November 1999, in Hyderabad. Being the only dedicated speciality hospital in Hyderabad, people became aware of its operation and quality service. Later, with increasing support and popularity, Rainbow expanded its wings and opened another 5 hospitals in Hyderabad,” he further adds.

This Tertiary care Children’s Hospital has an Intensive Care Services especially dedicated to infants. It also has an attached peri-natal centre which includes a fetal-medicine and high-risk obstetrics. It has Children’s Intensive Care Unit with a capacity of 24 beds.

What sets them apart is the belief that along with technical expertise, hospitals must provide the comfort and appropriate environment required for convalescence should also aim to bring in comfort to the patients. The colour schemes, aesthetic designs, intuitive architectural plan culminates into a holistic healing experience.

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Speaking about the project in Delhi, Mr Dalal adds,”I have been a part of the project in Delhi right from the day the first brick was laid. We brought in all our experience and technical know-how in the creation of an excellent facility.”

“Serving in the telecommunications sector has enabled me to understand the needs and demands of our customers. I realized that in the healthcare sector, things are not the same. For instance, the emotional turmoil patients and their families undergo are incomparable. They have to not only undergo several medical procedures but also spend time away from home during the recuperation phase, which is difficult for patients and their families. Early on, Rainbow group recognized the need for a patient-centric facility,” adds Mr Dalal.


Feedback from patients and staff has equally contributed to the success of Rainbow Group’s ventures. Mr Dalal says, “When we showed the photographs of our Hyderabad facilities to doctors in Delhi, we got positive responses from everyone. They appreciated our concept of using vivid colours that reflect energy and positivity. Generating a pleasant environment, which exudes happiness and comfort, is an important learning curve for all healthcare providers.”

“To be honest, it’s not just the patients who are delighted when they first walk into the hospital. The staff, management and doctors, themselves, were on-board from day one.”

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One of the greatest achievements is the group’s association with Walt Disney in designing the hospital.

The growth of rainbow in the last 15 years in the Outpatients number of 2,50,000 per year and admissions of 25,000 per year. Rainbow aims at creating a multi-functional, multi-speciality facility in every city in this country with a population 2 million.

“With every step, we improved and improvised, incorporating the contemporary trends of changing times. We have learned from the experience. When you are providing services to patients and especially mothers and children, there’s nothing you can miss out on. If you can deliver what patient wants, it’s good. But when you exceed their expectations, it’s great.”

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